The Alphabet Not Unlike The World By Katrina Vandenberg

With The Alphabet Not Like the World, Katrina Vandenberg demonstrates her love of language in a series of experimental free-verse poems, containing themes ranging from adolescence, marriage, and dysfunctional relationships to broader themes such as the wonders of travel and the history of civilization; as well as some poems that defy easy description and categorization. Often she uses Phoenician symbols and letters, tracing a letter back to its original form, and detailing its history with a few succinctly worded snapshots of its past lives.


Residing in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she teaches creative writing at Hamline University, Vandenberg is an accomplished poet, having been published in a wide range of magazines such as The Southern Review, The American Scholar, and Poets and Writers. She’s also the author of the poetry book Atlas and co-author of the chapbook On Marriage.


Vandenberg is a fresh and evocative voice, yet not one that readers can sit back and relax to; her work requires close reading, thought, analysis, and has to be read more than once. For those who enjoy lyrical yet substantial and thought-provoking poetry, she’s not to be missed.


This article previously appeared in the High Plains Reader


– Särah Nour

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